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Groundwork is a collection of extension methods and utilities to help make the software development process a little simpler.

Groundwork is a library that is designed for developers by a developer. The intent of this project is to put all of the routines that developers use on a day to day basis in one place.

This library seeks to provide "you" the developer with the groundwork that you will use when building your software projects. Groundwork builds on the .Net foundations to provide extensions and utilities that can be used to add value to your projects from day one.

How often have you written a method and before you write the method body you add null checks, range checks etc to the input parameters.

How often have you written a delegate only to fill most of the delegate body with try.... catch statements.

These are a few scenario's that Groundwork seeks to address by giving you simple easy to implement extensions and utility methods

There are many libraries out there that will give you extension methods, what makes Groundwork different is that you wont find any "restricted" use methods or extensions. What do i mean by restricted use; methods that perform string reversal, checking if a type is a string, word or character counting etc... while these are valid things to perform they are generally better suited for methods within your own application domain/business use.

I will be updating the project over the coming months to include new utilities and new extension methods so keep checking back for updates.

If there are any utilities / extensions / changes that you would like to see introduced in this library please contact me with suggestions and i will see what i can do to accommodate your requirements.

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